A succulent for your home.
Common name : Bryophyllum
Scientific name : Bryophyllum spp.
Family : Crassulaceae
Category : Indoor
Type of plant : Perennial
Sun loving
Sun loving
Minimal water
Minimal water
Bryophyllums are sometimes classified as a subgenus of kalanchoes - they are actually close relatives! They bear rounded, crenate, opposite, fleshy, bluish leaves on upright stems from 30 cm to 1.5 m in height, and pendulous flowers with 4 sepals and 4 yellow, orange, red, pink or purple petals. They are not hardy, so better grown in pots, so you can bring them back inside for the winter. They enjoy full sun and dry, neutral to acid soil such as heather earth - so no using tap water.

Sowing & planting



Water needs
Granulométrie plants.granulometry_3
Frost-resistance Medium
Zone USDA 9a
Height 30 - 150
pH 6 - 7

Plant my bryophyllum

Most species of Bryophyllum do not tolerate frost, but can be grown in pots indoors without any problem. Just avoid cold drafts. Place the pot in the sun behind a window facing south or west or in a well-lit area. Some semi-hardy species such as Bryophyllum laxiflorum tolerate a light frost, from -4 to -8 ° C. If you live in a warm area, growing them on a rock is therefore possible, in a sunny and sheltered location.

Water my bryophyllum

Bryophyllum do not like hard water, so use filtered water instead. During growth and flowering, watering every week is usually sufficient. In winter you can space watering more than 10 days. An important note : An excess of water might induce elongation of the stems, which sometimes end up bending under the weight. Roots also tend to rot. Let the soil dry 2 cm deep before watering again.

Repot my bryophyllum

Renew the soil of your plant every two years. Use a bigger pot if you can. Depot it, prune the outer roots and replace the medium with decomposed potting soil and sand. If you do not have a bigger container or your polant is too big, just replace the top layers.

Put outside my bryophyllum

From mid-May, do not hesitate to put it out. Place the pot in partial shade.

Shelter my bryophyllum

As soon as temperatures drop below 10 ° C, bring it in and put it in the light.

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