Creeping buttercup

A common weed.
Common name : Creeping buttercup
Scientific name : Ranunculus repens
Family : Ranunculaceae
Category : Wild plants
Type of plant : Perennial
Ranunculus repens, the creeping buttercup, is a herbaceous, stoloniferous perennial plant growing to 50 cm tall, with flowers a golden yellow, glossy and 2–3 cm diameter, usually with five petals The gloss is caused by the smooth upper surface of the petal that acts like a mirror - the gloss aids in attracting pollinating insects. Creeping buttercup was sold in many parts of the world as an ornamental plant, and has now become an invasive species in many parts of the world.


Water needs
Granulométrie plants.granulometry_1
Frost-resistance High
Zone USDA 0a
Height 20 - 50
pH 0

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