Euryops will give you a profusion of daisy-like flowers from Spring to Autumn, and won’t ask much in return!
Common name : Euryops
Scientific name : Euryops
Family : Asteraceae
Category : Perennials
Type of plant : Perennial
Easy peasy
Easy peasy
Large pot
Large pot
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Water needs
Granulométrie plants.granulometry_1
Frost-resistance Medium
Zone USDA 9a
Height 60 - 150
pH 6.5 - 7

Identify my euryops

Euryops are frosty perennials of the Asteraceae family, with evergreen leaves, cut finely and deeply, of dark green, gray-green or fluorescent green colour depending on the species, and produces an abundance of yellow daisies flowers!

Plant my euryops

In open soil or in pot? It's simple, if at home the temperature drops permanently below 5 ° C, it will be in pot! Do not leave your euryops in the original pot but repot it in a slightly larger pot - in terracotta if possible! Plant in the spring in a sunny place, in a mixture of potting soil, garden soil and sand. In the open ground for the lucky ones, choose a sunny location, in sandy, light soil. Space the plants of about ten centimeters. Water copiously to facilitate rooting.

Water my euryops

In pots indoors, water two or three times a week in season, once every ten days in winter. In the open soil, watering is not necessary, except in case of intense drought.

Take care of my euryops

No mulching for the euryops, which prefers dry situations, especially in winter. No fertilizer either, or just a simple amendment for potted plants. Simple to cultivate, we said!

Pinch my euryops

Vigilant deadheading once or twice a week will prolong the blooming period !

Prune my euryops

In March, before the vegetation regrows, prune the euryops with shears to restore its compact, globally spherical shape.

Remove my euryops

If your euryops is in open soil and you do not imagine that it will survive the winter, tear it out before the frosts! You can of course choose to put it in a pot, by taking out the whole root ball (without breaking or cracking it, if possible) using the spade. It will then be necessary to put the pot in a shelter for the winter, in a fresh but bright room!

Shelter my euryops

Put pots inside as soon as temperatures drop, in a cool dry place and leave them until spring.

Put outside my euryops

Find it a sheltered and sunny spot outside.

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