Brightly coloured daisy-like flowers.
Common name : Gerbera
Scientific name : Gerbera spp.
Family : Asteraceae
Category : Indoor
Type of plant : Perennial
Full description for Gerbera spp. not yet available.




Water needs
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Frost-resistance Medium
Zone USDA 10a
Height 30 - 60
pH 6 - 6.8

Identify my gerbera

Gerbera are perennials of the Asteraceae family, with triangular, green, basal leaves with shallow lobes. There emerge one or more floral stems surmounted by a single inflorescence in capitula surrounded by at least two rows of very colored ligules

Plant my gerbera

In open soil or in pot? It's simple, if at home the temperature drops permanently below 5 ┬░ C, it will be in pot! It is easily found in the spring, in pots often of already substantial size. Do not leave your gerbera in the original pot but repot it in a slightly larger pot - terracotta! Plant in the spring in a sheltered and sunny place. The gerbera calls for a rich and well-drained soil because it dreads when its roots stagnate in the water. In the open soil, choose a slightly sunny location, even in the semi shade. Respect plant spacing equal to one-third of their intended width. Water copiously to facilitate rooting.

Water my gerbera

The gerbera dreads excess water! And it does not like limestone, preferably use rainwater. In pots, water in case of lack of prolonged rain, and during winter indoors, once a month should suffice. In the ground, watering is not necessary, except during intense drought.

Take care of my gerbera

No mulching for the gerbera, which seems not to appreciate it.

Remove my gerbera

If your gerbera is in open soil and you can not imagine that it survives the winter, tear it out before you see it freeze! You can of course choose to put it back in a pot, by taking out the whole root ball (without breaking or cracking it, if possible) using a spade. It will then be necessary to put the pot in a shelter for the winter.

Put outside my gerbera

Place your gerbera in full light. Watering or even some fertilizer will be more frequent!

Shelter my gerbera

Bring your gerbera inside, in full light near a window, in a conservatory or in a greenhouse. In winter, reduce watering and stop fertilizer inputs.

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