A beautiful South-African shrub - only for warm climates.
Common name : Grevillea
Scientific name : Grevillea spp.
Family : Proteaceae
Category : Shrubs
Type of plant : Perennial
Full description for Grevillea spp. not yet available.




Water needs
Granulométrie plants.granulometry_4
Frost-resistance Medium
Zone USDA 9a
Height 30 - 150
pH 5.8 - 6.7

Identify my grevillea

Grevillea are evergreen shrubs from Oceania and South Africa. This genus has 250 species of evergreen trees and shrubs. They have linear or needle-like leaves in whorls around the branch. The flowers are devoid of petals, and are grouped at the end of the branches. These terminal inflorescences are a bit like red, pink, yellow or orange spiders. The trees can be very tall - up to 35 m - and the shrubs can take a creeping port.

Plant my grevillea

In open ground, plant preferably in autumn, possibly in early spring, outside periods of frost. Find a sunny location in ordinary drained soil - even sandy or stony - acidic or neutral. Make a hole 1/3 wider than the root ball, not mixing the soil layers. Add heathsoil if your soil is calcareous. If your Grevillea waited a long time, if you have to wait, plant it without burying the plant collar, which is the limit between roots and branches, then water copiously. Mulch to avoid weeding. In pots, plant in a mixture of garden soil and sand, in a pot matching the size of the adult plant.

Shelter my grevillea

If your winters are harsh, bring in your Grevillea before severe frosts, not necessarily in a heated room.

Put outside my grevillea

Take out your grevillea after the last severe frosts.

Water my grevillea

Water regularly and generously for several weeks after planting or sowing, especially if you did it late in the season.

Repot my grevillea

If you keep your potted Grevillea, plan for a surfacing every 2 to 3 years, which involves replacing the topsoil with mature compost.

Prune my grevillea

Between April and August, shorten the twigs by a maximum of 1/3.

Mulch my grevillea

Renew mulching in the fall at the base of your Grevillea to limit weeding. A mulching with wood is ideal.

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