Mouse-ear chickweed

A common weed.
Common name : Mouse-ear chickweed
Scientific name : Cerastium fontanum
Family : Caryophyllaceae
Category : Wild plants
Type of plant : Perennial
Cerastium fontanum - mouse-ear chickweed - is a species of mat-forming perennial or, rarely, annual plant, native to Europe but introduced elsewhere and common in grassland and along roadsides. Its identifying characteristics are tear-shaped leaves growing opposite one another in a star pattern, hairy leaves, and small white flowers. Mouse-ear chickweed typically grows to 4"-8" tall and spreads horizontally along the ground via the formation of roots wherever the stem falls over and contacts the ground.


Water needs
Granulométrie plants.granulometry_1
Frost-resistance Medium
Height 20 - 50
pH 0

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