Potato vine

A climber with evergreen foliage that may bloom all year long.
Common name : Potato vine
Scientific name : Solanum laxum
Family : Solanacées
Category : Climbing plants
Type of plant : Perennial
Solanum laxum -the potato vine - is a species in the family Solanaceae, native to South America and commonly grown as an ornamental garden plant. It is a vigorous evergreen vine - actually an aggressive grower, easily growing to 10 meters! - with ovate-lanceolate leaves 50 mm long, and white or pale blue flowers appearing in branched inflorescences.




Water needs
Granulométrie plants.granulometry_5
Frost-resistance Medium
Zone USDA 8b
Height 1000 - 200
pH 6 - 7.5

Plant my potato vine

In open soil or in pot? It's simple, if at home the temperature drops permanently below 5 ° C, it will be in pot! Do not leave your plant in the original pot but repot it in a slightly larger pot - terracotta! Plant in the spring in a sheltered and sunny place. It calls for a rich and well-drained soil because it dreads when its roots stagnate in the water. In the open soil, choose a slightly sunny location, even in the semi shade. Water copiously to facilitate rooting.

Water my potato vine

In pots, water often, and during winter, indoors, watering three times per month should suffice. In open soil, waterings should be moderate, except in case of intense drought.

Prune my potato vine

Cut any dead, damaged or diseased shoots with pruning shears. You can also remove any shoots that cause overcrowding.

Protect my potato vine

Your potato vine is non-hardy - it will not survive a frost episode! If your plant is outside and you fear a very cold period, add a thick layer of mulch at the foot ,and protect it with some insulation material if you can.

Shelter my potato vine

If your plant is in a pot and you have a sheltered place with a minimum temperature of 10 ° C, sufficiently bright, bring it inside for wintering, before the first frosts. Water very little during the winter. You can take it out again in May.

Put outside my potato vine

Well after the last frosts, you can bring your potted potatoe vine outside in a sheltered, sunny place!

Fertilize my potato vine

Apply a high-potassium fertilizer which will promote abundant flowering. Wood ashes actually make a good potassium intake! In any case reduce the amount of fertilizer at the end of the summer and stop completely in early autumn.

Repot my potato vine

Repot at least every 3 years, in a larger container if necessary, and change most of the medium, bringing soil and sand for a good drainage.

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