Sand Leek

A perennial garlic.
Common name : Sand Leek
Scientific name : Allium scorodoprasum
Family : Amaryllidaceae
Category : Veggies
Type of plant : Perennial
Allium scorodoprasum - The sand leek, also known as rocambole and Korean pickled-peel garlic - is a Eurasian species of wild onion. It is a perennial plant with an egg-shaped bulb.


Water needs
Granulométrie plants.granulometry_4
Frost-resistance High
Zone USDA 6a
Height 30 - 50
pH 6.5 - 7.2

Plant my sand leek

Plant them 10 cm apart in rows separated by 20 cm. Plant outdoors-specific bulbs, which are stronger and more vigorous. If your soil doesn't drain well, form a 5 to 10 cm high mound, which will protect the garlic from excess moisture if it rains frequently. Bury each bulb by hand, a few centimeters underground, keeping the top pointing upwards. Water once, enough to darken the soil.

Water my sand leek

Water moderately in case of mid-summer dryness. Don't be fooled if the leaves turn yellow in the summer — it's part of their normal vegetative cycle. Therefore, make sure you don't water excessively.

Take care of my sand leek

Lightly hoe to weed the plot. Water very little or not at all. It's rarely necessary.

Reap my sand leek

After flowering, around August, it's time to harvest! Do not pull up your garlic, just harvest the aerial bulbils and put them to dry by suspending them.

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