Senecio haworthii

A dwarf shrub, with upright white leaves !
Common name : Senecio haworthii
Scientific name : Senecio haworthii
Family : Asteraceae
Category : Indoor
Type of plant : Perennial
Small pots
Small pots
Senecio haworthii is a perennial, succulent shrub up to 1 foot (30 cm) tall with stunningly attractive upright cylindrical succulent leaves with fine white hairs covering all surfaces of the leaves. It produces bright yellow flowers on a short terminal inflorescence.

Sowing & planting



Water needs
Granulométrie plants.granulometry_4
Frost-resistance Medium
Zone USDA 10a
Height 10 - 30
pH 6.3 - 6.8

Plant my senecio haworthii

The senecio fits pretty well inside our homes and apartments. It needs light - ideally sunshine for several hours a day - and a rather poor and well-drained substrate.

Water my senecio haworthii

Senecio doesn't like moist, and it's water needs are pretty limited — it stores everything it needs inside it's thick leaves! During growth seasons (spring, summer), watering should be regular, about once a week, but controlled, to make sure the roots don't drown. In autumn, gradually reduce watering until winter, when once-monthly watering will suffice.

Prune my senecio haworthii

When some branches do not have a good appearance or are too old, you can prune them, ideally in spring, after flowering. The best method is to cut by breaking the stems gently by hand. Be sure to keep 3 to 5 leaves on each branch, as this may weaken it too much.

Fertilize my senecio haworthii

Never ! Your senecio likes poor soils, really!

Repot my senecio haworthii

At the end of winter every 3 or 4 years, repot your plant in a pot slightly larger than the current, with a mixture of sand and potting soil.

Propagate my senecio haworthii

You can easily make cuttings of your senecio, to have more pot or to offer! The cuttings are taken from May to August, during the growing season. Fragments should be at least 3 knots in length and have some leaves. Let the cuttings heal 2-3 days before burying them to prevent rotting of the wound in contact with the soil. Then lay them flat, nodes lightly buried in the moistened substrate, with the leaves on top, or 2 nodes without leaf buried, and the rest with the leaves protruding. The recovery is generally carried out in about ten days at 25 ° C.

Check on my senecio haworthii

Your senecio is not very sensitive to diseases, except when it is over watered - it is especially sensitive to water, which makes its roots rot.

Put outside my senecio haworthii

Do not hesitate to bring out your senecio for the summer! Just avoid placing it directly in the sun right away - acclimatize it gently, and of course, watch the watering! You will shelter it at the end of the summer.

Shelter my senecio haworthii

Put your senecio inside before the first cool nights, in a fairly bright situation. You will water it once a month in winter. Keep it in a cool room if possible: it is a cool winter rest period - less than 15 ° C - and a significant brightness that condition the bloom, that takes place at the end of winter.

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