Siskiyou lewisia

Plant with pretty spring bloom, easy and not very invasive.
Common name : Siskiyou lewisia
Scientific name : Lewisia cotyledon
Family : Portulacaceae
Category : Perennials
Type of plant : Perennial
Siskiyou lewisia blooms in the spring, and does not exceed 30 cm. It forms a basal rosette of dark, waxy leaves, surmounted by star-shaped flowers with eight long petals. It is a plant that appreciates fresh, drained soils and full sun. It can be grown in pots or planters, but despite its appearance of succulent it should be watered regularly.




Water needs
Granulométrie plants.granulometry_4
Frost-resistance High
Zone USDA 7a
Height 15 - 30
pH 6.5 - 7.5

Plant my siskiyou lewisia

In open soil, plant in a drained soil, moderately sandy, neutral to slightly alkaline, in full sun, even in the shade for robust species. In pots, mix garden soil with gravel and sand, and some ripe compost.

Weed my siskiyou lewisia

Be the maser of your flowerbeds – don't let anything develop too quickly to the detriment of other plants.

Water my siskiyou lewisia

Water during the summer season once a week if the weather is dry. Remember to keep the leaves dry ! If your plant is in a pot, water once a week in the first month - then every 10-12 days in the winter.

Fertilize my siskiyou lewisia

With a respectful approach to soil life, it's always better to fertilize a little in advance with organic material that will decompose; spread out a compost that isn't entirely decomposed, with well decomposed manure at the plant's base, and incorporate over 10 cm with a hoe. This operation is carried out in winter so that earthworms and bacteria have enough time to do their job.

Mulch my siskiyou lewisia

Mulching will lessen the need for watering and weeding in summer.

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