West Indian jasmine

A beautiful shrub bearing long-lasting flowers, the ixora unfortunately likes to grow ... in its own habitat, meaning in tropical areas. It is known to be a little difficult to grow in our homes unless you have a veranda, and quite some time on your hands to spray it regularly !
Common name : West Indian jasmine
Scientific name : Ixora
Family : Rubiaceae
Category : Indoor
Type of plant : Perennial
Large pot
Large pot
A shrub native to the tropical zones of Asia, Africa and the Caribbean, the ixora may reach between 3 and 5 meters high in its natural habitat, where it can be grown as hedge or as isolated shrub. It is loved for its evergreen dark green and shiny foliage and its flowering in large corymbs of brightly colored flowers. The type species - Ixora coccinea - has bright red flowers, but there are varieties with pink, orange-red, yellow or even white flowers. Ixora requires a lot of light, but can not stand direct sun - and is better grown under the shade of taller trees. In a temperate climate, it can not stay outside because it can not withstand the cold - but our interiors will sometimes lack light or be too dry for him.


Water needs
Granulométrie plants.granulometry_3
Frost-resistance Medium
Zone USDA 10b
Height 100 - 300
pH 6.4 - 6.7

Plant my ixora

For the location, you need a bright place protected from direct sun - especially the afternoon - and away from the heaters. Provide a lot of moisture to your ixora - bathroom, tropical greenhouse, porch can suit. Ixoras grow big, so choose a large pot - minimum 5 liters. For the planting use potting soil for indoor plant - rather woody - or a beautiful compost well decomposed very woody too, very draining. Water copiously with non-calcareous water at planting.

Water my ixora

Water often and abundantly in the summer, with non-calcareous and non-chlorinated water. In winter, let the top soil dry slightly before watering.

Put outside my ixora

In summer, take out your ixora and place it in the shade. You should shelter it back before the cold returns.

Shelter my ixora

Bring your ixora inside at the end of the summer, find it a bright place protected from direct sun - especially in the afternoon - and away from the heaters.

Fertilize my ixora

In summer, pour every 2 weeks a liquid fertilizer for green plants - or a good compost juice diluted to 1/10 if you have some! A slow-release fertilizer is possible ... Stop every fertilizing in the fall, and until the end of the following spring.

Repot my ixora

At the end of the winter every 2 or 3 years, repot your ixora in a pot slightly larger than the current one, with compost for indoor plants. If you have a beautiful compost well decomposed very woody, very draining, it works too.

Prune my ixora

Prune your ixora when it gets unruly - as it is grown for hedges, it responds pretty well to shearing.

Spray my ixora

In dry weather, spray your plant with soft water, clean the dust on the leaves: it will be all the more beautiful!

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