Yellow woodsorrel

One of the many common species of wood sorrels.
Common name : Yellow woodsorrel
Scientific name : Oxalis fontana
Family : Oxalidaceae
Category : Wild plants
Type of plant : Perennial
Sun loving
Sun loving
Oxalis fontana (or stricta) - the yellow woodsorrel - is a herbaceous plant in the family Oxalidaceae, native to North America, found in woodlands, meadows, and in disturbed areas. It is an herbaceous perennial growing to 30 cm (12 in) tall, branching occasionally, with the lower stems becoming decumbent on the ground as the plant ages, while its upper stems remain erect. The stems are light green, with alternate trifoliate leaves and small yellow flowers. The yellow woodsorrel is sometimes considered a weed of gardens.




Water needs
Granulométrie plants.granulometry_3
Frost-resistance Medium
Zone USDA 8a
Height 15 - 30
pH 7 - 8

Identify my yellow woodsorrel

Option 1: Look at the merchant's label; Option 2: The oxalides carry 3 or 4 more or less heart-shaped leaflets, and white, yellow, mauve or red five-petalled flowers.

Plant my yellow woodsorrel

Oxalides are found in tubers or scoops. Plant preferably in spring, in the open-soil if your climate is mild, otherwise in pot for the species that you will have to shelter: Oxalis triangularis, Oxalis brasiliense and Oxalis tuberosa. Oxalides like a light soil, fresh and humus. Bury the tubers 5 to 10 cm, and space them about twenty centimeters. In pots, mix soil, decomposed compost and sand in a pot of 3 liters.

Weed my yellow woodsorrel

For perennial species, weeding also means working your flowerbed – don't let anything develop too quickly to the detriment of others.

Water my yellow woodsorrel

Water during the summer season, once a week in case of dry weather, in the morning if possible. Water also during first month after planting, twice a week.

Propagate my yellow woodsorrel

This should not be necessary: the oxalides multiply quite efficiently without outside help!

Mulch my yellow woodsorrel

Each year, renew the mulch layer around your oxalis in the spring. It will help flowering by enriching the soil.

Fertilize my yellow woodsorrel

A small glass of compost juice diluted to 10% - with 90% water - every week in the summer, presto!

Protect my yellow woodsorrel

Oxalis triangularis, Oxalis brasiliense and Oxalis tuberosa need to be sheltered in winter, protected from light, dry and cool. You have trouble recognizing them? - Oxalis triangularis has purple leaves with triangular leaflets. - Oxalis brasiliense has pink, red and then purple flowers. - Oxalis tuberosa is grown in the kitchen garden to eat its tubers, and it is one meter wide. If you do not want to shelter them, eat them ;-)

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